Five Day Detox


Have you ever walked into a store with an overpowering smell and immediately found yourself with a headache? Do some lotions or makeup make your skin red, itchy or cause breakouts? Do your find yourself with brain fog or hormones that are out of control?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above, then YOU have been exposed to harmful chemicals. The average woman is exposed to over 300 chemicals per day, 80 of them before breakfast! Our bodies don’t know what to do with all of these foreign substances so it stores them to keep us safe (called bio accumulation). But then we end up with skin problems, brain fog, out of whack hormones… so I guess we really aren’t that safe are we?

Here’s the thing - most people that I know are busy. Their schedules and brains often feel like they just can’t handle one more thing. And while they hate the idea of unhealthy habits, they also don’t know where to start or if its even possible for them to make changes that matter.

Let me tell you friend - small changes over time have BIG results. I’ve seen this in my family and in the lives of countless other families and I KNOW that you can make a few simple changes that will benefit you and your family - not to mention help you to feel better!

So what does the Five Day Detox include?

  • One daily email from me (starting Monday!) with a challenge

  • This challenge will take you five minutes-ish or less. Seriously - so easy!

  • Access to our detox Facebook group for extra ideas + inspiration (and a daily video from me!)

  • Its FREE. This costs you ZERO dollars and won’t require anything that doesn’t exist outside of your normal kitchen cabinets. Being oily might help… but it’s certainly not required!

What you WON’T find in Five Day Detox:

  • Lists of things to eat/not eat. This totally has a place.. but that’s not what we are tackling this time

  • Crazy challenges that take ridiculous amounts of time. Easy peasy is my jam.

  • Stuff to buy. I give you a lot of DIY options, and education - but this isn’t about your pocketbook. Its about education and empowerment with friends!

How do you join? Subscribe in the pop- up box or HERE - then keep an eye out for your welcome email and being added to our Facebook group. Feel free to share with friends who you want to join you - everything is more fun with friends right? Just be sure to add them to the Facebook group once they are subscribed! I can’t WAIT to do this with you!