Ducks, Packing and Our Next Address

I usually have about three people a day ask me where we are moving once our house sells. As I am currently writing this, we don’t have anything nailed down, so I throw my hands in the air and perkily exclaim “who knows!!??”. The reaction I get cracks me up every time.

First, people try to gauge if I’m being serious (yes. Yes I am). Then they quickly try to choose a reaction that isn’t sheer panic, or disapproval, and offer some encouraging words. And I GET IT. I mean, most families know their exact destination and then put the wheels in motion to sell their current home. Most families don’t decide to uproot their kids and leave them hanging about what exactly the future holds. Up until a few months ago, I would have reacted the same way.

There are many reasons we decided to sell our house. It will create more financial freedom, and put us in a better position when we buy our next house. That freedom makes it possible for our kids to go to a school that we love and have prayed about sending them to for years. But the BIG reason? The one that motivated us to renovate, list our house, the one that is our DREAM?? It’s to share a space/property with Nate’s parents.

I know most people don’t dream of living with their parents/in - laws once they are adults. And I’m ok that my dream isn’t for everyone. However I lost my dad when I was thirty four and it made me realize that life is much too short to not get to enjoy both the big days and the mundane with those you love. Just to be clear… I’m not suggesting some crazy family commune. Just a space big enough for separate living areas for us, Nate’s parents, and my mom for extended visits.

The tricky thing is, the plan for the dream to happen, and the actual way that dreams often become reality…. well, those two never line up for me quite as I imagine. If you like your ducks in a row, then let’s just say that I like mine in a row, in matching outfits, doing a synchronized dance. This “up in the air” business is the exact opposite of what I would choose or what I prefer.

But I’m learning that when I let go of my preferences and follow God’s call to the dreams he has placed in my heart, it doesn’t matter what those ducks are doing. I’ve realized that forcing things into place only stresses me out and doesn’t actually create change. So I’m following Him step by step and REALLY working on being patient for those steps to be revealed.

Just in case you are still concerned - we don’t close until mid - August so we have some time to be flexible. We have a few options that we would prefer, and we have scouted out both the rental market and houses for sale. But until the Lord is clear about what our new address is, I’ll be enjoying my duck free days and packing.