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Four years ago, my daughter was struggling with an ongoing issue that was making her life, and our lives, miserable. She was uncomfortable, on a lot of different medications and went to the doctor so often I got a part time job to help pay her medical bills. Out of desperation I decided to try the essential oils my friends were raving about, and our lives were forever changed.

Essential oils gave my daughter’s body the support it needed so it could function properly, and it taught me that what I put on, in and around our bodies MATTERS. So many products I was buying at the store - body wash, household cleaners, candles, make-up, shampoo, protein powder and more - are actually filled with chemicals and toxic junk that builds up in your body and wreaks havoc on your hormones, brain and other body systems. It was like a lightbulb went on for me as I saw my constant exhaustion, poor sleep, incompetentence at handling stress and hormone imbalance as more than just facts of my early thirties life - they were the result of the products I had been using for decades, and they were fixable.

Since then, we have been on a journey to ditch the toxin filled products and switch to natural, plant based products that are infused with powerful essential oils. Not all oils are created equal though. Most essential oil companies use synthetic fillers to stretch their oils or distill them with a chemical solvent. The result is oils that are toxic for your body and usually ineffective.


Instead, I use a company that controls the creation of their oils from seed to seal, and does so with such dedication that they offer a guarantee of purity and potency. Young Living and their Seed to Seal guarantee means I get pure, effective oils that have never had any chemical added (or even used to clean the distillery equipment) AND that they are safe for me and my family. This security is invaluable to me. It also applies to everything they make and infuse their oils into, such as shampoo, supplements, makeup and skin care.

Essential oils were the jumping point for our family into a healthier lifestyle. We aren’t perfect, we still have areas with plenty of room for improvement (I’m looking at you coffee and cheesecake!), but I find rest in knowing that myself and my family are doing simple things in our home that will have a lifelong impact on our health - for the same amount money, or less, than we would spend at the store on toxic laden products.

Essential oils work with your body as you make changes to help you function at your best AND will eliminate harmful chemicals from your life. I would love to link arms with you as you start your own oily journey and provide you with education, resources and an encouraging community of other women who are doing the exact same thing.



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