Master Bedroom Shiplap

As a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to sit on my dad’s workbench while he created things in the garage. He was a renaissance man – he could wire a house, fix a leaky toilet, get your car running and make you the best ribs of your entire life. He built a house from the ground up by himself, with occasional help from friends, on nights and weekends after working his full time job.

It’s these times on the workbench that I loved with him the most. The smell of sawdust and faint lingering of cigarette smoke hung in the air as I watched and asked questions. Part of my affection for this time MAY have been that there were always M & M’s in the garage with him as well, and I’ve never been a girl to turn down chocolate.

Fast forward a few decades and my dad is physically no longer here – but I keep finding pieces of him in me. It’s been one of the sweetest parts of healing from his death – the ways that I am like him that keep surprising me. When my dad died my sister and I each chose to take a few of his things home with us – one of them being a Miter Saw. It sat idly in the garage for a few years until we braved a home project that required more than paint.


When we moved into our house the master bedroom got designated to the bottom of the to-do list. There were much more pressing issues, like the electric blue walls and the basement that looked like the scene of a horror film (not kidding). But this Fall, after our anniversary plans got cancelled, we thought that sprucing up our space – on a budget – would be the perfect way to have a belated anniversary celebration. Love hath no expression like that of a DIY project right?

We switched the paint from a hideous brown to a light and airy shade from Sherwin Williams called Silver Strand. That alone changed the entire tone of the room! Then we started in on the shiplap wall, and gave it a good two coats of Dover White so the spaces between the shiplap boards wouldn’t be brown. After that,  we took a deep breath and started nailing planks to the wall. We also spruced up our metal head and footboard with flat black spray paint (fancy, right?) and added a simple frame and wreath to the wall. It is fresh and clean and I love being in this space in our home every day!

I don’t have the skill or the finesse that my dad did with his tools. That came from hours of labor and endless jobs that demanded precision and perfection. But, I am learning. I am learning to measure twice and cut once. I am learning that perhaps Geometry was a little more important than I gave it credit for as a Sophomore in high school. And most of all, I’m really enjoying the smell of the sawdust and the memories it is bringing back.


Shiplap, Master Bedroom, DIY, Farmhouse
Shiplap, Master Bedroom, DIY, Farmhouse